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LED lighting from Ecolife can save you up to 90% energy; LED is the next-step in lighting technology. In stunning contemporary designs, they're sustainable and stylish, with an average 40,000 hour lifespan.

Ecolife offers a wide range of luminaires suitable for indoor & outdoor applications, delivering a crisp white light with little heat making them suitable for home, commercial or industrial use.

HOMe SOlutions

Downlights, spotlights and pendants from Ecolife can create either a pleasant and comfortable ambience in a room or they can be used to dramatic effect in residential and commercial situations.

The intense illumination provided by Ecolife’s collection of downlights and spotlights offers good task and accent lighting, while all of the pendants in the range will add a stylish note to private homes and business settings.

Home Solutions
Industrial Solu



Giving particular distinction to Ecolife’s collection of industrial range are its key characteristics of quality and robust construction. These attributes are especially important given that these fittings are often installed in high and awkward locations.


Ecolife has developed its range of LED luminaires to offer an energy-efficient option for both indoor and outdoor settings in commercial and industrial locations. The wide choice in this collection means these fittings are suitable for many uses from display and feature lighting to illuminating large areas such as offices, department stores, warehouses and carparks.

Solar Lights



We distribute a range of options for solar energy lights which are made using the world’s best design principles, along with cutting-edge solar and LED technology. 


d.light is a global leader in solar-powered solutions for people without access to reliable electricity. It is the largest distributed solar lighting brand for households and small businesses in off-grid communities. These products are also perfect for camping, hiking, fishing or boating and are an essential item for survival kits.

Pacific Island

solutions for Pacific Islands

We have built special solutions for the needs of the pacific islands.

This range is brought to you under the brand of Britex. The product range covers battens, bulkheads, floodlights, lamps and more.


Over the years, the range has developed from economical fluorescent light fittings and energy saving lamps to now include the latest LED technology. The products offer simplicity in design and function for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial applications.

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