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We provide following solutions:


We stock and supply pair coils (pre insulated copper tubes) in various sizes for the installation of most air conditioners.


We stock & supply the following refrigerant gasses: 134A, 410A, 404A, 407A. We can also source other refrigerant gases on request.

ac mounting bracket.PNG

AC Mounting Bracket

We stock and supply classic, robust, weatherproof AC Mounting bracket

Ducting & Trunking Product

We stock and supply TOYO brand trunking and ducting products which are UV stabilized and made of PVC.

Axial,radial fans & Brazing RoD

We supply, a new generation of European EC axial fans, combining top level design with advanced fan operating functionality. Thus, the product design solution was awarded with the Red Dot award for Product Design 2014.


Our fans are used in the most exacting energy efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems; with our solutions tailored to customers' requirements we continually demonstrate our commitment to development innovations and advancement of living quality in the fields of occupant comfort and green mobility.

Monkey toe

We stock & supply MONKEYTOE ROOF MOUNTS Condenser Supports - Adjustable



We stock & supply Coil Cleaners, Filter Cleaner & HVAC&R Chemicals

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